Miscellanea - MisreadBible



Demon Underground - A parody of Spirit in the Sky

Floody Floody - A parody of Rise and Shine

Go, Tell It on the Mountain - A parody of Go, Tell It on the Mountain

Jesus Hates Me - A parody of Jesus Loves Me.

What a Friend We have in Jesus - Parody of What a Friend We have in Jesus.

Noah's Log

Day 7 on the Ark - During his time on the ark, Noah kept a diary. Living conditions are getting unbearable.

Day 9 on the Ark - Tragedy strikes on board the ark.

Day 11 on the Ark - Japheth isn't himself after the death of his wife. Also, one of the animals is becoming unruly.

Day 12 on the Ark - The situation on the ark grows worse as food begins to run out.

Day 17 on the Ark - Things go from bad to worse on the ark, and Noah's at his wit's end.

Day 22 on the Ark - Weird things are happening aboard the ark. Japheth's mind might be going, and there's some unsanctioned breeding afoot.


Cease and Desist - God's lawyer warned me to stop writing stories and tweeting about him...

Independence Day - A letter to America on the anniversary from its break up from the UK.

Tweeting a Flat Earther - If you've ever tried to argue with a flat earther, you'll know this headache. This is a dramatisation.

Am I the Asshole? - God writes an AITA post on Reddit.

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