Day 22 on the Ark - MisreadBible

Day 22 on the Ark

We thought it was safe to keep the donkeys and the horses together. Boy, were we wrong! One of the jack’s keeps mating with the mare. I honestly thought that horses and donkeys were different kinds! I don’t know what kind of weird hybrid animal will result, but I can tell you one thing, it’ll be an abomination against God!

Meanwhile, Japheth has decided to confine himself to his cabin. At first, I thought he was just recovering from his injuries during the encounter with the velociraptor, but Ham told me that he caught him singing, ‘All work and no sex makes Japh a dull boy,’ to himself over and over.

Also, one of the axes has gone missing. I’m sure it’ll turn up, but we need all the tools we can get right now. We were thinking of making some kind of drainage system to deal with all the shit that’s accumulated. The real trick is going to be keeping the rain out. Nobody is volunteering to go outside, and even if they were willing, God did shut us in.

I don’t want to question the Lord’s judgement, but couldn’t he have just clicked his fingers and created a new world from scratch? This all feels very unnecessary!

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