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The MisreadBible: Book of Moses


Four hundred years after their entry into Egypt, God’s chosen people have managed to get themselves all enslaved. How can the omnipotent creator of the Universe free his people from bondage and deliver them to the promised land? By sending a random shepherd with a speech impediment to repeatedly threaten Pharaoh, that’s how.

In this satirical retelling of the biblical books of Exodus to Deuteronomy, the long-suffering Moses leads a tribe of grumbling Israelites through the desert whilst trying to appease a petulant deity who turns smitey at the drop of a hat.

Will he ever reach the promised land? Will there be any Israelites left unsmitten by the time he gets there? And what exactly is the Lord’s beef with yeast anyway?

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Author:J. R. Eldridge
Cover artist:M. R. Oakley

Paperback and eBook

ISBN (Paperback):978-0-244-86798-0
ISBN (eBook):978-1-716-36092-3
ASIN (eBook):B08RXF4TJ5
ISBN (Smashwords):9781005729646
Published:6th January 2021

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