Day 11 on the Ark - MisreadBible

Day 11 on the Ark

After the death of ‘Adataneses, Japheth has taken to hanging around the baboon enclosure. He says that their bright red bottoms remind him of his wife. Though I find that statement somewhat confusing, I want to let the boy mourn in his own way.

The other day, the baboons started mating, and Japheth stood there staring with a strange grin on his face as he ground his teeth. Now the male baboon appears to have taken this as a challenge to its dominance, so it keeps pissing on us as we walk by. I think Japheth has taken particular offence to this, because he keeps excusing himself saying he’s off to spank the monkey. Surely, this will only anger the animal more! Also I think we might need to wash the baboon, because every time Japheth returns his hands are all sticky.

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