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A MisreadBible Christmas


The Nativity

During the reign of King Herod of Judaea, an unwed teenage virgin called Mary is impregnated with a magical baby by the Holy Spirit. This doesn’t sit well with her fiancé Joseph so naturally he dumps her. When the couple reconcile, they have to travel to Bethlehem for a preposterous census, and Mary ends up giving birth in a stable. Meanwhile, a group of stargazing magi, who come traipsing hundreds of miles after a star, inadvertently inform the king of Judaea of the Messiah’s birth.

Herod’s Christmas Carol

King Herod, the infamous baby massacring tyrant of the nativity, is recast as Scrooge. On the day that would come to be known as Christmas Eve, he is haunted by the ghost of his dead wife Mariamne who has come to deliver a warning. He is visited by three further spirits who take him on a journey to his past, present, and future. Will the king heed the spirits’ message and mend his ways, or will he forever be the villain that the Bible portrays him to be?


Parodies of A Visit from St. Nicholas and a selection of Christmas carols, and some nativity themed tweets.

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Author:J. R. Eldridge
Cover artist:Richard R. Moore

Paperback and eBook

ISBN (Paperback):978-0-244-18118-5
ISBN (eBook):978-0-244-48118-6
ISBN (Smashwords):9781005163501
Published:4th October 2019


Narrator:Joshua Saxon
Length:1 hour and 54 minute
Published:17th January 2021

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