Day 12 on the Ark - MisreadBible

Day 12 on the Ark

Food is growing scarce. Shem suggested eating some of the animals, but I told him not to, because we need them all to repopulate the Earth. Unfortunately, he didn’t listen and he slaughtered one of the unicorns. So, since there’s no going back, I decided to chop it up for meat. On the bright side, it’s a rather large animal, and will last us a couple of weeks. Plus, there’s no point having just one unicorn on the ark, so we can slaughter the other one next.

I’m not sure what we’ll do for food once we’ve finished all the unicorn. Ham’s been listing animals he thinks we could do without. So far, he’s listed dragons, behemoths, and cockatrices. I can understand his reasoning. Who needs fire-breathing lizards, giant beasts with tails like cedars, and chicken-headed snakes?

I’ve prayed to God for guidance, but I think he’s forgotten about us.

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