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Floody Floody

The Lord said to Noah,
‘There's going to be a floody floody.’
Noah to God,
Said, ‘Hey, what’s the problem, buddy?’
‘Gonna spill me some innocent bloody bloody.’
Judgment of the Lord.

Well, Noah he built him,
He built him a boaty boaty.
Though it’s been proven, the thing wouldn’t floaty floaty,
But don’t question what Moses wrotey wrotey.
Inerrancy of the Lord.

He called for the animals,
They came in twosies twosies.
8 million species, that one’s a doozy doozy.
How he fit them, haven’t a cluesy cluesy.
Puzzle of Lord.

It rain and it rained
For forty daysies daysies.
Drowning men, women, and little babies babies.
Bloated bodies under the wavies wavies,
Victims of the Lord.

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