The MisreadBible: Gospel

In first century Galilee, a humble carpenter is given some rather unusual news: he is the Son of God! Leaving his home, family, and carpentry business, Jesus of Nazareth travels to Peraea to learn the ways of the Dunker from his barmy hermit cousin John, who has a penchant for plunging people into water.

When he returns to Galilee, he calls together a posse of twelve random dudes and begins his father’s mission to preach the Kingdom of God (whatever that means). Along the way, he heals the sick, casts out demons, gives bizarre ranting sermons, and amasses a following. But little does he know that a much bigger destiny awaits him…

Author:J. R. Eldridge
Cover artist:M. R. Oakley

Paperback and eBook

ISBN (Paperback):978-1-7948-2817-9
ISBN (eBook):978-1-7948-0520-0
Release date:Coming soon

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