Jesus Hates Me - MisreadBible

Jesus Hates Me

Parody of Jesus Loves Me

Jesus hates me! Tell you why,
I have been a sinful guy,
Deep in hell’s where I belong;
And when I’m there, I’ll sing this song.

Yes, Jesus hates me!
Yes, Jesus hates me!
Yes, Jesus hates me!
I’m such a sinful guy.

Jesus hates me! That’s no lie,
I guess that I’m fucked when I die,
Gonna take me ‘cross his knee,
Saying, “You’ll pay, wait and see.”

Jesus hates me still today,
Down with Satan I will stay,
He’d rather punish than forgive,
As he judges all who live.

Jesus hates me! I can’t hide,
And hell’s gates are open wide;
He will burn me for my sin,
Stoke the flames and send me in.

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