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Tweeting a Flat Earther

What it’s like arguing with a flat earther:

@Flerf: Elvis manager was Colonel Sanders

@MisreadBible: No, his manager was Colonel Tom Parker.

@Flerf: Your dilusional 🤡

@MisreadBible: [provides a source showing Colonel Tom Parker managed Elvis]

@Flerf: Thats a lie

@MisreadBible: This is Elvis with Parker.

@Flerf: You cant see Parker in that photo. Wheres Parker?

@MisreadBible: There.

@Flerf: Thats CGI

@MisreadBible: They didn’t have CGI back then.


@MisreadBible: You’ve cropped Parker out of the first image. You can see his arm! This is the complete image.

@Flerf: CGI!

@MisreadBible: And you’ve photoshopped Colonel Sander’s head onto Colonel Tom Parker’s body.

@Flerf: Its an accurate model how Colonel Sanders would look if photographed with Elvis

@MisreadBible: All you have is models. You don’t have any actual evidence.

@Flerf: 🤣 your so dumb!

@MisreadBible: Here’s some actual evidence

@Flerf: [reads top line only] See it says Elvis managed by colonel! 🤪

@MisreadBible: Yes, but it specifies that it was Colonel Tom Parker.

@Flerf: Thats not how it works.

@MisreadBible: What does that even mean?


@MisreadBible: That still isn’t evidence.

@Flerf: If Colonel Sanders didnt manage Elvis how come he write all his songs?

@MisreadBible: He didn’t. And managers aren’t the same as songwriters.

@Flerf: No such thing as song writers

@MisreadBible: Song writing is the task of songwriters.

@Flerf: Nuh uh its all manager

@MisreadBible: You’re woefully misinformed. Maybe you should study music history.

@Flerf: The music industrys controlled by NASA. They just want you to think that song writers exist and Parker his manager

@MisreadBible: The music historians agree that this is not the case.

@Flerf: There in on it! 🤣

@MisreadBible: [gets a banging headache and blocks him]

@Flerf: Ha  I won!

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