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The MisreadBible: Genesis


A collection of twisted Bible tales from the warped mind of J. R. Eldridge. Drawing from his fascination with religion and mythology, Eldridge takes the reader on a journey from the creation of the universe to the arrival of the Israelites in Egypt in this blasphemously funny retelling of the Book of Genesis.

A lonely deity creates the universe in his mother’s basement and makes a little clay man who falls in love with his own rib. After the humans engage in some freaky angel sex, God decides to flood the entire world, saving only a drunkard called Noah and his family.

Once the humans have repopulated the Earth, God chooses one man called Abram, drags him from his home in the middle of the night, changes his name, and then tells him to kill his son, forming an everlasting covenant with him and his descendants.

Later, Jacob steals his brother’s birthmark, boinks his cousins, and comes up with an innovative way to breed sheep. He fathers a dozen kids including Joseph, whose brothers get tired of his dreams of grandeur and sell him to some shapeshifting Ishmaelites who take him to Egypt.

The author invites readers to look up the original verses to see how much of the absurdity comes from his warped imagination, and how much comes from the original stories.

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Author:J. R. Eldridge
Cover artist:Richard R. Moore

Paperback and eBook

ISBN (Paperback):978-0-244-13442-6
ISBN (eBook):978-0-244-16605-2
ISBN (Smashwords):9780463685778
Published:7th March 2019


Narrator:Joshua Saxon
Length:3 hours and 53 minutes
Published:1st June 2019

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‘I didn’t put the book down, except briefly to head off starvation. If you like British humor and to chuckle at ancient mythology, this book is for you.’ - Kim Aaron: Still is the Written Word

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‘Eldridge’s deliberate misprisions take advantage of the essential weirdness of the Bible, at least for modern readers. He has the ability to make the strange-yet-familiar words of biblical books appear as strange as they ought to be read. I think that’s why I quite like it. While he looks askew at the Bible, he has a good appreciation of its (often absurd) meaning and content.’ - Deane Galbraith (Remnant of Giants)

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