For I read the Bible through a lens, squinting - 1 Corinthians 13:12


An Infestation of Israelites - Pharaoh has a problem: there are too many Israelites. His solution? Work 'em hard and get rid of the boys.

Moses: Baby to Man in a Few Short Verses - Moses is born, grows to adulthood, kills a man, and gets married.

Moses and the Magical Talking Bush - One day, a magical burning bush talks to Moses and tells him to ask Pharaoh to let his people go.

Moses Learns Some Magic Tricks - Moses is unsure of this whole speaking to Pharaoh thing, so God teaches him so magic tricks.

Let My People Go! - Moses and Aaron ask Pharaoh to let their people go, but instead Pharaoh makes them work harder.

Moses Wants Answers - Moses is feeling despondent after his confrontation with Pharaoh and the Israelite foreman, so he went to God for some answers.

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