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Left-handed Son of a Benjaminite - This is the heroic tale of Ehud, the left-handed son of a Benjaminite who killed King Eglon the Moabite.

Jephthah - Jephthah the Gileadite is kicked out of his home for being the son of a harlot, defeats the Ammonites, and keeps his promise to the Lord.

The Morality of Concubine Rape - This is the delightful tale of a Levite man and his piece of meat... I mean concubine.


The Birth of a Nazirite - An angel tells Manoah's wife that she will have a son, and he'll be a Nazirite.

Samson Gets a Honey - Samson sees a Philistine woman and decides to marry her, so he has his parents go buy.

That's Using Your Ass! - When Samson discovers that his wife has been given to another man, he swears bloody revenge on the Philistines.

Why, Why, Why? - Samson starts dating a Philistine woman called Delilah, who seems intent on finding out his weakness.

Samson Brings the House Down - The Philistines now have Samson in custody, and they have him perform at their festival.

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