Egg-Gate - MisreadBible


23rd April 2022

Meanwhile, in Marjorie Taylor Greene’s kitchen…

Perry (MTG’s husband): Honey, did you pick up eggs when you went to the store yesterday?

MTG: I went for a peaceful walk, which is what everyone is entitled to do under their First Amendment. I wasn’t going to actively engage in violence or any type of action.

Perry: I didn’t say you were. I’m asking if you got eggs. You did go to the store yesterday, right?

MTG: No, that's not accurate.

Perry, growing slightly agitated: But you left a note saying that you were going to the store.

MTG: I don’t recall writing that.

Perry: It’s on your notepad.

MTG: You’re using a CNN article… CNN has lied about me a number of times.

Perry: No, I have the note right here…

MTG: I have had many people use my notepad over the years.

Perry: Look, the note says, ‘I’m going to the store. Be back in an hour. Signed Marjorie’. You were expressing your intention to go to the store!

Lawyer appears from behind the counter: This violates… her right to free speech. There’s… um… nothing in the note that can… er… be construed as her… er… stating an intention to go to the grocery store. So, it’s objectionable.

Perry: I’m just reading the fucking note!

MTG: That really wasn’t the purpose of that note.

Perry: I’m just trying to find out if we have eggs! You marked on your calendar that you'd be going to the store!

MTG: It was put on my calendar, but I never went.

Perry: So, who marked it on your calendar?

MTG: I don’t know. I was too busy getting ready to go for my peaceful walk.

Perry: Okay, so do we have eggs?

MTG: I’m sorry, I can’t answer. I don’t know anything about it. We had been spending a vast amount of time reading and researching and talking to people, and had seen tremendous evidence of voter fraud. I don’t know if you know this because you’re not from Georgia, but our secretary of state has an investigation going on…

Perry exits the room screaming.

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