For I read the Bible through a lens, squinting - 1 Corinthians 13:12

The Mountain

He'll Be up and down the Mountain When God Comes - God calls Moses up Mount Sinai... several times.

Numerous Commandments - God gives Moses a set of commandments. Moses has some objections.

The Fear of God - At the foot of the Mountain of God, the terrified Israelites watch the mountain quaking, and Moses goes for a little chat with God.

Hebrew Slavery (the Good Kind) - God gives Moses laws on how to treat Hebrew slaves. But it's fine, because...

The Buy Bull - Moses has been on the mountain talking to God for over a month, so the Israelites decide to worship a golden calf statue. This cannot go unpunished!

Blew Moon - Moses and God's relationship grows closer, and Moses finally gets up the nerve to ask God if he can see him.

Ten Commandments 2.0 - God gives Moses a new set of commandments, which he calls the Ten Commandments. See how many you recognise.

The Hideous Face of Moses - When Moses returns from talking to God, he is a changed man... or at least, his face has changed.

Angel Droppings - God tells Moses that an angel will lead him to the promised land. Moses has questions.

Barbecue and Beers - The Lord decides to invite some of the Israelites up the mountain for a barbecue.

Sundry Laws - A list of God's peculiar laws.

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